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Subdivision of Bushfire Prone Land

Your conceptual subdivision plan must be accompanied by a Bushfire Attack Level assessment to comply with legislation.

Do you understand the restrictions inherent in the legislation governing the subdivision of Bushfire Prone Land? Bushfire Protection Planning can help.

We recommend preparatory field work for subdivisions in Bushfire Prone Land that will enhance your chance of a successful application. Bushfire Protection Planning can organise a Pre Development Application meeting with a surveyor and the Rural Fire Service & Local Government officers before anything other than a conceptual subdivision plan is drafted.

If your application is to pass through your Council with minimum cost, delay and inconvenience contact Bruce at Bushfire Protection Planning for a straight talk on what is needed to get your development done.

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Bruce was both efficient and informative throughout all of his communication and allowed us to experience an easy stress free service...


I have worked in conjunction with Bruce Macarthur of Bushfire Protection Planning in the area of rural property development for approximately 8 years.[..] I can highly recommend Bruce's knowledge and experience in bushfire protection and planning.

S.McN.Bland, Surveyor
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