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Site Selection on Bushfire Prone Land

The legislation governing development on Bushfire Prone Land can influence the costs of development.

You have found that special bush block you've always imagined settling down in. You've talked to the bank and you know your finances. You even manage to talk the Real Estate Agent down on price, you've definitely found a bargain!

Until you realise that any construction will cost more than you planned, alot more.

Don't get caught out!

Is your chosen site on Bushfire Prone Land? Do you realise how much legislation compliance may cost you? Your chosen site should be confirmed by a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment before you spend your time and money on any advanced planning.

The approval process through your Council will not proceed without an accompanying BAL Assessment so before you spend money preparing plans ensure that the site complies with the legislation.

Bushfire Protection Planning can help you get the best result at this early stage.

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Thanks so much to Bruce for sharing his knowledge on the requirements necessary to build our new home, Bruce was both efficient and informative throughout all of his communication and allowed us to experience an easy, stress free service...Thank you.


I have worked in conjunction with Bruce Macarthur of Bushfire Protection Planning in the area of rural property development for approximately 8 years. In that time I have found Bruce's application to the current problem, creative ideas and resourcefulness has been a major factor in the successful facilitation and smooth progress of our client's proposals through the Development Application process. I can highly recommend Bruce's knowledge and experience in bushfire protection and planning.

S.McN.Bland, Surveyor
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