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Your development application can not proceed without a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessment.

Don't waste your money and time submitting non conforming plans to your Council because you will have to pay again to submit corrected plans. Your home design, construction and your subsequent safety from bushfire will be influenced by the bushfire threat your property faces.

The threat level, and associated development costs are defined by six categories under the Australian Standard 3959-2009. Which of the six Bushfire Attack Levels will you design and build to?

Bushfire Protection Planning can assess the BAL of your property before the design stage, giving you the best chance of making your development dreams come true, saving you the money and time of resubmission at a later date.

In addition to submitting your Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment to your Council it is your responsibility to submit plans that comply with Australian Standard 3959–2009 for building homes on Bushfire Prone land.

Bushfire Protection Planning can also assess current building developments, if you are unsure about needing a BAL assessment for council approval. Contact Bruce today for a chat.

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When a Bushfire assessment is required by a suitably qualified consultant, look no further than Bruce. Here you will find a professional approach that applies logic and common sense

Kaye Grant

He has been considerate and held detailed discussions with us giving clarification on various issues involved in our immediate and future plans. I find him to be quite reasonable and accommodating person keen to properly guide and help with his knowledge about the Bush Fire related issues.

Sham Singh, Sikh Grammar School Australia
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